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PRINCETON, N.J. December 7, 2020 — Adastra Consulting has launched Transform™, a nine-month coaching program exclusive to C-Suite and senior executives worldwide, which is based on the company’s propriety leadership model and utilizes their customized 360º leadership survey.

Enrollment is currently open for participants who wish to begin Transform™ in Q1 2021.

Program Details

Through leadership development best practices, psychometric assessment tools, reflection exercises and reference resources, Adastra’s clients will explore four dimensions of leadership development which have been the foundation for the company’s coaching engagements for over fifteen years: Role Model (Individual), Community Builder (Team), Sense Maker (Organization) and Future Shaper (Strategy).

Following a psychometric assessment and 360º leadership survey, clients will customize their coaching engagement by partnering with a coach in selecting specific areas of focus within those four dimensions that will have the greatest impact. For example:

Role Model (Individual):

From self-awareness to self-mastery

Leveraging time, team and technology

Igniting the leader within

Community Builder (Team):

Team dynamics and effectiveness

Rules of engagement

The power of performance plus

Sense Maker (Organization):

Simplifying complexity

Leading in crisis

Structure, culture and relationships

Future Shaper (Strategy):

Developing a compelling vision

Building strategic relationships

Shaping the future

Statement from Adastra Consulting

Jamie Ramsden, Adastra’s Chief Executive, said, “Transform™ helps senior executives learn how to be better leaders, how to develop high-performing teams, how to generate new insights about themselves and the world around them and ultimately, how to shape a better future both personally and professionally.”

He added, “Our program is only nine months long, but the insights gained will last a lifetime. Guaranteed.”

Adastra Consulting provides executive coaching and leadership development to C-Suite executives, SVPs and EVPs at Fortune 500 companies as well as partners at professional services firms, business owners and entrepreneurs. Founded on the principles captured in the motto “Per Ardua Ad Astra” (“Through Adversity to the Stars”), the company helps individuals and organizations deliver outstanding and sustainable results.



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