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Million-Dollar Impact

How will you create million-dollar impact in a way that doesn’t exist today?

I’m not talking about KPIs, increased revenues, reduced costs, decreased headcount or the myriad of metrics typically contained in business plans. While these solid management objectives certainly keep a business running, they lack the power to transform. Incremental change isn’t bold, big thinking.

It isn’t disruptive, either.

Thinking disruptively is exponential. On an individual level this may be learning a new skill, but one that is outside your tactical, practical requirements. Or building a network outside your organization and industry. Or taking a transformational approach to solving a problem even though it appears riskier.

My advice to clients is to disrupt themselves before they get disrupted by the outside world, which is often a very unpleasant experience. On an organizational level the same advice applies. If companies don’t evolve, their clients, their competitors and their industry will do it for them.

A disruptive approach can be about co-creating product launches, leveraging new technologies, finding new ways of connecting with clients, suppliers, partners, acquisition targets, even competitors, rather than slow, systematic progress.

As I work with my clients to reach beyond day-to-day management towards transformative leadership, I encourage them to slow down, get their head out of the details and recognize the bigger patterns. Widening the aperture helps them make unique connections between people and systems as they consider far-reaching alternatives.

Two recent client examples:

· A professional services firm developed a hybrid approach for an international client, saving $5M+ dollars without compromising their world-class standards.

· A financial institution brought a new lending product to market in six weeks, generating $50M+ in revenues within three months.

Disruptive thinking doesn’t just happen in stable circumstances. In times of change, true leaders aren’t only surviving or mitigating the downside, they are acting boldly and managing the upside. True leaders are shaping the future, challenging the way things have always been done, leaving behind what doesn’t work, and thoughtfully creating the conditions for success.

So, how can you think disruptively?

· Be transparent and declarative about what you want to accomplish.

· Bring others along for the ride. Help them grow through the process.

· Aim for exponential and experimental solutions.

· Build stable, scalable processes to capture and implement new ways of being and doing.

· Think big. Not evolutionary… but revolutionary.

How will you create million-dollar impact in a way that doesn’t exist today?

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Jamie Ramsden is a certified executive leadership coach and founder of Adastra Consulting ( A former Chief Executive, Jamie has been coaching C-Suite and Senior executives around the world for over fifteen years.

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