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TRANSFORM is Adastra’s five-stage executive development program for senior and high-potential leaders. Depending on your requirements, the program can run from six to eighteen months. Research-based, results-oriented and grounded in assessments, TRANSFORM is designed to deliver sustainable and far-reaching results for individuals, their teams, key partners and, most importantly, the organization.



Through psychometric assessments, interviews, peer/ employee/ supervisor feedback and a thorough understanding of the organizational context, Client will develop INSIGHT into their worldview, their resulting behaviors, their specific context, along with their role within the system.



Through a comprehensive feedback session with their Coach, Client will review the feedback and develop KNOWLEDGE–-personal preferences and learning orientation, hidden blind spots and untapped strengths, leadership and self-awareness tools as well as a framework of development.



Client and Coach will then focus on alignment and goal setting, developing a unique set of CHALLENGES that will form the basis of the Client’s personal plan and ongoing phone coaching. Goals are aligned with key stakeholders to ensure that they are relevant and that targets are realistic and impactful for both the individual and the organization.



As the Client models new behaviors and actions, growth and development occurs creating positive and sustainable change in the process. Client will embed and hone new skills leading to further change and GROWTH.



Using the original goals as a measure for SUCCESS, Client and Coach obtain results (through surveys, assessments & interviews) and debrief to confirm that goals have been met and results are tangible. Final sign-off meeting occurs with key stakeholders.

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