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Jamie Ramsden leads by example, and Let’s Go! reflects his expertise in truly understanding what it takes to be a great leader. His extraordinary ability to “emotionally” connect our senior leadership team was like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. Simply remarkable!

—Robert Chavez, Executive Chairman, Hermès Americas


A must-read! The Adastra Leadership Model is truly groundbreaking and has had a profound impact on my own leadership journey. I highly recommend Let's Go! to anyone looking to take their leadership to the next level.

—Vanessa LeFebvre, President, Champion – Global


Jamie Ramsden packs a career of operational excellence and profound leadership coaching into a must-read for all current and aspiring leaders. For anyone on a leadership journey, Let’s Go! is your guidebook—I'll be reading this book again and again.

—Matt Baer, CEO, Stitch Fix


Jamie Ramsden's leadership philosophy and approach are truly exceptional and deserve to be studied and implemented by leaders everywhere. My personal experience with him has been nothing short of transformative, marking a pivotal turning point in my own leadership journey. I highly recommend Let’s Go! to anyone seeking to enhance their leadership skills and make a meaningful impact on their teams and organizations.

—Tameeka Smith, CEO, VA Community Plan, UnitedHealthcare 


Only Jamie Ramsden, drawing on years of top-level executive coaching, could have so clearly articulated the core principles of leadership in a way that is both insightful and actionable. Something useful in every chapter.

—Reade Fahs, CEO, National Vision, Inc.


Jamie Ramsden has masterfully developed a holistic yet simple view to leadership, and a practical modern approach to unlock your most powerful leadership traits. His leadership model is an absolute “must” for any executive leading teams or organizations.
—Ana Garcia, CEO, Kinetico


I have known Jamie Ramsden professionally as an extraordinary executive coach and CEO for over 15 years. He has delivered impactful, life-changing results to leaders and teams globally, often partnering with the Center for Creative Leadership. Now, he has authored a terrific leadership book based on his personal leadership model that will assist leaders at every level to grow vertically and accomplish great things as they help Shape the Future.

—VADM John Ryan USN Ret. and former CEO, Center for Creative Leadership


Jamie weaves together practical and accessible strategies for leaders with an incisive point of view on what it really takes to shape a better future. The depth, pragmatism, and inspiring lessons in this book leave the reader feeling empowered and mobilized for action. Leaders, let's go!

—Jonathan Kirschner, Psy.D., Founder & CEO of AIIR Consulting


Jamie both challenged my thinking and supported me in ways that were responsive in real-time to the pandemic’s historic challenges. Now, through Let’s Go!, leaders the world over will benefit from the wisdom he has gained—and codified within the Adastra Leadership Model—as a CEO and an outstanding executive leadership coach.

—Kevin Hinton, CEO & Executive Director, Beacon House


Let’s Go! is a practical guide to leadership for managers, vice presidents, and chief executives alike because the content speaks to universal human needs. The book’s useful model helped me understand how to best leverage my leadership roles, and I lead more successfully—and comfortably—as a result.

—Khoa Dao, CEO, Australia Pacific LNG

Great leaders shape the future, rather than waiting for it to happen. The Adastra model brilliantly connects leaders with their mission, context, and people, to deliver real change, impact, and progress.

—Peter Fisk, Professor at IE Business School and Author of Business Recoded and The Complete CEO


Jamie’s leadership model captures aspects of human motivation that are essential to all leaders, wherever they operate. My career has benefited, and so will you.

—Shalima Pannikode, Chair, AFRJ Freedom Council


A powerful leadership framework derived from Jamie’s global experience. There’s a real nugget of wisdom in each chapter.

—Richard Bartlett, CEO, bpPulse


Moving from a startup to a scale up as both co-founder and CEO requires rethinking both internal and external thoughts and behaviors. Jamie’s approach and direct feedback helped me understand that what got me here was not going to get me where I, and my team, needed me to be. The application of his leadership model to my challenges has made a real impact not only to my effectiveness, but my purpose and happiness as well.

—Alexander García-Tobar, CEO & Co-founder, Valimail 


Working with Jamie was eye-opening. Even though I was an experienced leader with over 25 years in my industry, he helped shape my thinking to a higher level, benefiting my team and the organization. Jamie’s book captures the essence of leadership and how to perform at your best personally and professionally.

—Marcie Williams, CEO, RKW Residential


Jamie’s insights about where to focus my time and energy, and how to create space to lead with confidence and conviction, have been invaluable to me stepping into my new role as CEO. His leadership model is simple, yet powerful!

—John Gaither, CEO, Feetures


Jamie has been a trusted executive coach for several members of our senior team, including myself. His insights and practical advice are always spot-on, and he has made a huge, positive difference in my own leadership development, as well as that of my team. Jamie, as usual, hits all the right notes in Let’s Go! Aspiring and seasoned leaders alike will benefit greatly from his tremendous ability to communicate in highly relatable and actionable concepts that touch the core of true leadership. 

—John M. Carrigg, President & CEO, United Health Services


Jamie's book makes a compelling case for the Adastra Leadership Model—which intertwines our underlying human needs with our roles as leaders and then outlines the key competencies required to ensure effectiveness. This book is a must-read for all leaders looking to fully understand their roles and maximize their leadership potential in a very pragmatic and straightforward manner.                                                 —Ross Dupper, President & CEO, Porsche Financial Services, Inc.


What an inspiration this book is—so affirming of every person’s capacity and responsibility to lead, to positively influence. Jamie Ramsden’s CEO experience and leadership model captured in this book was game changing for me in my first year as president and has given me the tools to understand my strengths, weaknesses and how to untap my vision for my future.

—Sean O’Connor, President, Universal Furniture


If you're ready to elevate your leadership journey, Jamie Ramsden’s Let’s Go! is a must-read. This book goes beyond traditional leadership narratives, offering a roadmap for shaping the future. Having Jamie as my executive coach has been a transformative experience, and his guidance, now encapsulated in this book, is a beacon for anyone aspiring to lead with purpose and impact. Let's go, indeed!

—Jen Shepherd, Global Head, Uber Transit


Jamie Ramsden coaches how to leverage your time, team, and energy. He has helped me practice becoming the best leader and person I can be. 

—Andrew Grauer, CEO & Cofounder, Learneo 


To this day, I call Jamie my “Ranger Buddy,” which is a US Army Ranger School term that describes someone you can trust and count on in the most difficult situations. When I was transitioning from tactical, operational leadership to strategic leadership as the president of an organization—while also going through significant personal and professional adversity—Jamie’s guidance was instrumental. His leadership model is outstanding for leaders at all levels, and I highly recommend learning from his experiences in Let’s Go!

—Clay Daniels, former Green Beret and President, U.S. Engineering Service


Jamie Ramsden’s book Let’s Go! is spot-on! He takes a refreshingly modern approach to demonstrating that great leaders are not born. Rather, through a core set of principles, they can be developed to confront today’s challenges. From his conceptual leadership model to the supporting roles and competencies, this book is applicable to emerging leaders forging their paths… to seasoned executives looking to sharpen their skills!

 —J. Michael Parnell, Ph.D., President & CEO, UnitedHealthcare of Mississippi, Inc.


Jamie Ramsden’s new book Let’s Go! is an incredible distillation of the key roles that he espouses as critical for effective leadership. The book was a great refresher of the impactful learnings I took away from the time I spent with Jamie as my coach and mentor. I enthusiastically recommend Let’s Go! to current and aspiring leaders—there is always more to learn and more to practice.

—Robert Mandel, President, Carelon Medical Benefits Management and Carelon Post Acute Solutions


Jamie’s leadership model brings to life the many ways leaders have impact, and the importance of adapting communication styles to fit the context. This is only possible with intentional preparation, and his model helps leaders focus on doing the work upfront for better outcomes later.

—Heather Brilliant, CEO and President, Diamond Hill Capital Management


As a female executive, working with Jamie has been a game changer because he pairs no-nonsense advice and tailored solutions with true compassion and understanding, no matter the complexity. His greatest hits are front and center in Let’s Go! 

—Kristin Ciriello Pothier, Life Sciences Sector Leader, KPMG and Author of Personalizing Precision Medicine


Having worked with Jamie Ramsden for years as a coach it is great to see him bringing his leadership wisdom to print. In this dynamic, post-COVID environment, the insights presented in Let’s Go! are very much needed.  This is a book not to be missed by anyone trying to navigate the leadership challenges of our time.

 —Kenneth Roberts, President, Atlas Roofing Company


Let’s Go! represents the definitive guide for leaders seeking to disrupt, innovate, and create diverse, high-performing cultures. Jamie Ramsden masterfully utilizes trusted frameworks, and decades of coaching experience, to demonstrate how metrics for winning include both shareholder returns and stakeholder value.

—Jason Wingard, Ph.D., Executive Chairman, The Education Board, Inc., Distinguished Visiting Professor, Harvard University and Author, The Great Skills Gap: Optimizing Talent for the Future of Work


Framed around an intellectually robust and research-driven model, Jamie engagingly helps leaders make sense of themselves, their experiences, their dreams, and their ambitions. The book works like a leadership prism refracting these into different glimpses of leadership done well. Behind the stories of organisational success lies the handmaiden of excellent leadership. Few books can translate how this occurs. Jamie has nailed it.  

—Steve Kempster, Professor Emeritus, Lancaster University Management School


Jamie’s book is so complementary to the work he does for our company as an executive coach. Our leaders choose Jamie time and time again based on his experience, his coaching/leadership approach, and his profound relatability. He’s got the rare gift of IQ and EQ.

—Heather Hrap, SVP, HR and REFS, ConocoPhillips


Under Jamie Ramsden's coaching, my leadership evolved to an all-time high; Let's Go! mirrors the transformative strategies pivotal to my leadership success.

—Richard D. Consoli, Retired President, Cross Precision Measurement Group and Community Servant


Jamie Ramsden's Let's Go! is a comprehensive guide, highlighting modern leadership challenges and providing the reader with useful solutions. Skillfully crafted, the book offers a refreshing and unique perspective, making it a standout among today's more traditional leadership literature. The innovative yet practical four-dimensional model introduced in the book not only aligns well with current management practices, but also proposes transformative strategies that promise to redefine what it means to be an effective leader. Let's Go! is an essential read for anyone looking to enhance their skill set and successfully navigate the evolving demands of contemporary leadership roles.

—Mike Rucker, Ph.D., Author of The Fun Habit


Jamie is the epitome of professionalism, and I couldn’t be any more positive about his impact on the leaders he coaches. He’s the best “coach role model” I have ever worked with.

—Kent S. Price III, Former Chief Human Resources Officer, Center for Creative Leadership


I had the privilege of working with Jamie almost 30 years ago, where we had profound and stimulating discussions on leadership. His compelling book covers very logically and precisely the elements required of a leader to inspire people to make value-creating decisions, whether in for-profit or not-for-profit organisations. Essential reading for anyone wanting to soak in insightful, universal, practical observations and understandings of leadership.

—Andrew Robshaw, Author of Thankonomics


Having both benefited directly from Jamie’s wisdom and collaborated with him in helping others, I’ve experienced the impact of the Adastra model firsthand. It’s a comprehensive tool that guides leaders to be intentional and balanced with how and why they activate their superpowers.

—Dan Gallagher, Founder and CEO, Gallagher Leadership and Author of The Self-Aware Leader


Jamie's new book shows the way for the next generation of leaders, which humanity desperately needs. We've worked together and I can vouch personally for the efficacy of his holistic, third way of thinking.

—Dr. John Daniels, Vice Chancellor for Research and Chief Research Officer, UNC Charlotte

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