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Jamie Ramsden leads by example, and…(his) extraordinary ability to “emotionally” connect our
senior leadership team was like nothing I’ve ever experienced before.

Robert Chavez
Executive Chairman
Hermès Americas

 My personal experience with him has been
nothing short of transformative, marking a pivotal turning point in my own leadership journey.

Tameeka Smith, CEO
VA Community Plan 


Adastra Leadership Model is truly groundbreaking and has had a profound impact on my
own leadership journey.

Vanessa LeFebvre 
Champion – Global

The application of his leadership model to my challenges has made a real impact not only to my
effectiveness, but my purpose and happiness as well.

Alexander García-Tobar
CEO + Co-founder Valimail

Having Jamie as my executive coach has been a transformative experience, and his guidance, is a
beacon for anyone aspiring to lead with purpose and impact.

Jen Shepherd 
Global Head
Uber Transit

The Adastra model brilliantly connects leaders with their mission, context, and people, to deliver real change, impact, and progress.

Peter Fisk
Professor, IE Business School Author of Business Recoded and The Complete CEO

Jamie’s leadership model is simple, yet powerful!

John Gaither

Our leaders choose Jamie time and time again based on his experience, his coaching/leadership
approach, and his profound relatability. He’s got the rare gift of IQ and EQ.

Heather Hrap

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